Over the past several weeks, CTB/McGraw-Hill has been hosting a series of webinars on assessment topics entitled Performance Assessment for the Next Generation of State Assessments. These webinars will continue into December.

These webinars focus on item types, psychometrics, and other considerations that the state assessment consortia and other states envision for this next generation of state assessment programs. All presentations, commentaries, and illustrative items and tasks will concentrate on assessing achievement of the Common Core State Standards, monitoring growth toward college and career readiness, and targeting intended content area knowledge, skills, and cognitive processes.

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CTB has a long and successful record of collaborating with state and local assessment program staff to support development, implementation, and validation of statewide achievement tests and formative and benchmark assessments. (I know—I was once a CTB customer, myself.)

Our goal in hosting this webinar series is to support individual school districts, states, and the assessment consortia as they conceptualize, design, develop, and implement the next generation of state assessment programs.

Speakers and commentators for the series include intellectual leaders and implementers from around the country: Suzanne Lane and Ed Roeber, Alan Schoenfeld and Rosemary Fitton-Abell, David Pearson and Karen Wixson, Richard Patz and Robert Linn, Wim van der Linden and Mark Reckase, Susan Pimentel and Sue Rigney, Ken Koedinger and Joseph Martineau, and others.